Reviews for "Splitman 2"

really good game, concept and everything, just needs to be a bit more fast paced

Thiis is actually an interesting game, it was something different, it is challenging for the mind, trying to work out how to beat each level. Nice job!

Whoop, mute button. Always bodes well.
Good gameplay, good graphics, good puzzles.
Tow good reviews in a row! I must be getting soft (or game quality is getting better)
I played until level 17 (all keycards so far, except 8) and it's pretty good. I was quickly glad of the mute button. (No offence, it just you can only stay interested in a loop for so long)
Then being severely annoyed with level 17, I looked at your walkthrough, very nice too, but the audio quality on it is shocking! And I never would have guessed that slippery corpses are the secret to level 17.

Five tries at that level after that, I completed it and rage quit when i saw that my efforts just got me another level a keycard and an "OK!" stamp.OK? I feel my effort deserves more than that.

But it was good til then.

Good clean puzzle platformer game!

Great concept, smooth controls and crisp graphics. Not to mention pretty damn addicting. This deserves nothing less then 4,5 stars. Great job.