Reviews for "Splitman 2"

Great game!

This game is pretty good. and I found it enjoyable to play. The music was nice, the graphics were good, and I thought SplitMan looked pretty cool.

However, the game did have a few flaws that came up during my playthrough.

First, it seems like the game has a hard time distinguishing between when a body is being pushed, and when it is being landed/walked on by the player. This means that, whenever I would have to use my clones to cross over spikes, they would begin to slide out from underneath me, and get me killed.

Secondly, there was a glitch where I would fall onto spikes after my clone-corpse bridge slid away, and I wouldn't die instantly like I should-- unless I took a step forward or backward. I tried using this to my advantage to clear a few levels, but I just ended up pushing my clone bridges even further away, making it impossible to free myself from the situation without restarting the level (which would've happened either way, because I would die if I tried to jump out).

I'll make it clear that neither of these were very big problems, and didn't hinder my enjoyment of the game in the slightest. However, in the future, I would still like to see these problems addressed.

Remember: sometimes, it's the little things that keep a good game from being a great game.

You would have to be one cold-hearted s.o.b. not to enjoy these games. Keep them coming!

Please tell me you plan on making MORE Split man games... fun challenging and good graphics as well... very creative

fun and addicting, wish there was a larger music selection though