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Reviews for "Hubris"

Potentially a fun platformer - the controls are a bit wibbly, and the hitboxes for the CD's are teeny tiny pixel sized. It's not always clear where you can walk and where you can't walk, I've fallen through what I thought was solid floor, and bonked into what I assumed was open air.
With a few tweaks this game can become something more.

Buggy, just a couple bugs. And that collect radius on the discs needs fixing. I somehow found myself falling through the floor on the first level, and I somehow got stuck between two tiles in a wall, good thing I somehow died from it. Other than that, I find it good with potential.

The background was lovely.
And it has a mute button.
Works with arrow keys and WASD
Gameplay felt slow and I the way the world seemed to move around the character was sickening.
I'm afraid I couldn't relate to STAN at all, so I didn't bother collecting the coins. I was totally meh about the game until I got the double jump.
I lost interest in the game and only continued to play for the sake of this review, which had started so promisingly.
The STAN gun didn't change my opinion I'm afraid.

I wan't to give it a good rating but, it just provides no enjoyment for me.

The gameplay was good and enjoyable. But the music was absolutely horrible. I guess different music and a better, well-developed storyline would have made it a little more well liked? I hope I never hear that terrible music again; oh god my ears. T_T

Bored me immidiately.