Reviews for "Avant-Garde"

Very good for an alpha and nice idea! although I wish I could see my paintings :(. btw if you try this on safari you a get blurry screen of "Paris Street, Rainy Day". to people with this problem, try a different browser!!!!

Hate french things and Not a fan of art in the least, That being said i spent a great deal of time on this game, Played to the end, and drank away my vast fortune of 87 thousand franks with Van Gogh. Cant wait for the full release.

It's a very linear and repetitive game, but it's enjoyable with great historical references, interesting concepts, and beautiful music and scenary.

C'est Magnifique! I only had one gripe with this though: It got boring stale too quickly.
I think there should have been a more in depth story line added (I.e, needing money for sick family, inspiring to become famous and so on..)
Otherwise it was fun and addicting, great work.

After playing for several hours, I realized that I had been... I was mesmerized. I kept imagining what the painting/sculpture would look like. It has a very emotional feel to it. I hope for a wonderful end product. More goals, contracts maybe, contests, timelines, deadlines, more story. More options and control over the creation process. Over all for this unfinished product, I give you 4 and 4 stars. It can easily be a 5 star item once polished.