Reviews for "Avant-Garde"

This is a really interesting game, I liked what's here so far! I agree with Shexlay that there needs to be more of a goal, some story that you're making or some ending you're working towards. More variety in the interactions with other artists would be good, too. I'd love to see more decisions to make and obvious consequences of those decisions in the path you choose. I think this alpha is really strong start, and I can't wait to see how it looks when it's all fleshed out.

i really like what's there, but i feel like there needs to be more of a resolution and/or goal.

Very nice game! Creative, well thought out.

Good game, much too easy though. I was cranking out masterpieces like clockwork by the time the war came. Other than that very enjoyable and interesting game.

I liked it.

I liked how you could continue buying materials even if you spiraling into debt. However, during one curious play through, I managed to owe quite an absurd amount of money, and I started asking myself "Where are the repercussions for owing several hundreds of dollars over the course of several years in the 1800's?"

Also, when I started making masterpieces on a regular basis and annually getting around 10 grand, I decided to spend my fortune for the next ten years getting terrible terribly drunk...again with no negative side effects. I found it quite odd that I managed to convince Picasso to spend seven years in drinking on a monthly basis, and I found it hilarious no one batted an eye that the man who regularly made masterpieces never left the cafe and constantly drank.

Aside from these quips and the other, regular ones (what's the point after we start reaching gold?; this is still in alpha; why can we only go into three places?; wouldn't it be cool if there was more things like the getting drunk, messing up a painting and privately hiring models?), the game was rather engrossing. I spent a good three hours on it, and that is not too bad for a game where I pretty much lived in two menus. I eagerly wait to see what the completed project will contain.

Also, a tutorial would be nice, and an explanation of what the flaws and virtues of the artists actually do would be wonderful.