Reviews for "Avant-Garde"

Great game. I do suggest adding a save feature as well as a more in-depth storyline, as others have said. The music is wonderful, and I love the artworks featured, as well as the scroll-look effect on the street.

C'est bon!

I find this game has a very interesting concept. It is tasteful, educational, as well as addictive! Very well done!

It's quite an addicting game when you really get into it. I got to half a million francs before I decided to stop... Other than that, it might make it more fun if there were more events involved, or more of a storyline. Great work overall!

Its a very good game, but maybe you could add a "save game" option? So you can continue where you left.

A brilliantly creative and original game, I wasted a good hour playing it before I stopped. I had about 150,000 francs, created the Zenithi movement, then imagined my character killed himself after Zenithi was rejected by the art community and every Salon exhibit.