Reviews for "Avant-Garde"

It's an interesting game. I'm not sure how to get any more of the mediums or surfaces.

At the cafe, I keep getting offered to learn the undefined form

LOVELY! I had to put that in caps. 5/5 :)
Brilliant use of art history. The variety of paintings, the cafe and almost all of it was really fun.
For a game still under development, this was awesome! I hope in the final version is slightly more challenging, and a bit more complex. There were a few loose ends with the manifesto and the general non acceptance of other art forms. After a certain point you can win gold medals every year just by making the simplest type of painting one month before the awarding.
The storyline is quite promising, the game design is beautiful. I will wait for the final game.

This game is brilliant my goal was to just get actlist 1 gold medal but i soon found my self having 10 gold medal great game!.

Really did enjoy this game, I'll admit I didn't keep at it until the end because I had to reboot my system, and didn't feel like starting all over again. Very unique, very enjoyable, loved the complexity of choosing your materials and the demand and all that. Highly enjoyable. Recommending this to my friends!

Just wanted to check this game out and found myself playing it for an hour. I'll add it to my favourits and hope that you'll finish the masterpiece soon.