Reviews for "Avant-Garde"

Gets boring after a while. I keep getting offered to learn undefined art and Salon de Paris even rejected my 5-star masterpiece. But, this is a pretty nice game. I hope you don't abandon it. [4.5/5]|[9/10]

2 words: OH WOW! Beautiful; trop beau mon ami, trop beau.

Holy shit. I just want to paint everything now.
This is such a simple game, but it's so damn addicting.

it is a very interesting game. but it is kind of...unrealistic.
how long am I going to live?
am I really such a genre-wh*re that I can just do what I want? :D
but what really shocked me was meeting van Gogh 1912.... (he died in 1890)
I know it doesn't really matter but maybe you should have done more research on the artists you use....especially when they died :'D

Amazing game, really kept me hooked for at least an hour without even realizing.