Reviews for "Avant-Garde"

got 10 skill in ever one won ten or more golden meals everyones my friend and also I`m already bored like the music though.ps add some drama plz

Let me be clear. I'm not an art fan, and I *hate* sim/rpgs.
I CANNOT TEAR MYSELF AWAY FROM THIS GAME! IT is SO good! The choice of music, the aesthetic, and the thought that went into the options, experience and dynamic system are all brilliant.
I'm glad to hear this is an alpha--there were one or two--only one or two--things I felt needed polish (undefined artwork? Hmm?) and it felt slightly closed-ended. Still, I was drawn in and have been playing it until long after I should have shut my computer down. Very well done, I applaud you and hope the final product is all you hope for! I'm looking forward to it with great anticipation. God bless!

This is an enjoyable and memorable game.

I come back every month or so to see if there's been any listed updates.

Please release the full game! I'm gonna bug you guys in PM because I waaaaant the full version bad <3

This game is worth playing and is fun. <3

Hate french things and Not a fan of art in the least, That being said i spent a great deal of time on this game, Played to the end, and drank away my vast fortune of 87 thousand franks with Van Gogh. Cant wait for the full release.

Something about your concept that I find interesting, even as simplistic as the game is in its present form. You say it's an alpha so I'll hold out hope you're able to address a lot of the shortcomings with the next release. A few points, though -
I've experimented extensively with creating my own movement and as far as I have been able to determine it is impossible to ever get art in your own style accepted at the yearly salon. Am I missing something or is this bugged? Even if I am, it's a problem if it's that opaque.
Styles that reject particular elements emerge late in the game when the player is likely to have very high skills that actually make these styles inaccessible to them. I'd suggest changing that entire mechanic.
Paying a one-time access fee for new materials seems silly. Rehaul the shop system completely. You might put certain materials behind particular event unlocks - maybe even some unique ones like opportunities to paint a fresco for a prestigious building or... something? As it stands the difference in price between the materials isn't even really high enough to justify buying lower end ones - it barely costs more to buy into the top tiers. And, given the number of great artists who have used any or all of those materials it just bothers me that there's no actual reason to use almost any of them except being unable to afford better. The game would need to get more complex overall to create any mechanic that gives a serious reason to use more varied materials but I'd suggest keeping that in mind as a goal as you build new features.
More complex interactions of the player's traits in general would lend this a lot more depth - I almost picture this turning into something vaguely in the vein of Academagia. That would be a pretty interesting concept, in fact. Look into it. We need something besides "grind to ten in all stats, pound out masterpieces until the timer runs out."
Similarly, it seems fundamentally silly that certain artworks claim to emphasize color when you're drawing them in monochrome media like graphite or chalk, or sculpting them in bronze or marble. Just something that seemed off to me - maybe you should rethink the way that materials interact with subjects in that respect.
Likewise, I really didn't like the way the subjects are arranged in linear order of value in that way. It just feels fundamentally wrong that "historical" artwork is treated as objectively superior to every other subject. See some of the above - if art interacted with materials and player stats in more complex ways there would be more room to differentiate the options from each other as actual choices and tradeoffs, not linear upgrades.
What do the traits and flaws even do? Forcing us to guess the effects of things that only cryptically effect the rng in some way stopped being cool in the eighties. Stop it.

All I can think of for now. Your concept actually interests me, for all of the criticism, and I'm hoping to see more out of this in your next build. Looking forward to it.