Reviews for "Avant-Garde"

I've been intrigued by your project since the early days of AGDG. It is good to see it finally starting to get the spotlights.

I can hardly wait for the full version. Keep on the good work.

An excellent game! Loved the background art and the music. It kept me playing until the very end. I just wish it kept going. Or maybe make a version that focuses on American artists.

This is the most original game I've ever played with.
Absolutely fantastic design, and perfect music.
However I suggest that you should expand the game, for example: I should buy my raw materials in a shop... and the right materials, with the right technique.. Because there are materials witch never work together well. (Oil paint + wall).
Wonderful game, thank you.

This is great! The music is fantastic, also the artwork - but i want a bit more things to do, because after a while it gets boring.
I also would play the full version :)

Love this game, but would like to see a little more going on in the end game. That would be my main complaint - it gets a little repetitive once you've kind of made it. That said, I thought the events and the socializing with other artists was genius, and the use of a painting of Paris for the main screen was inspired (and made us laugh). Definitely a game I would want the full version of. Please let me know when you release it!