Reviews for "Avant-Garde"

OK I've made it to the 1900s ....but still all I can use is ink and pencil and paper? am I missing something? I've got all the concepts but no mediums or bases. I Love everything else...but I'd like to know why I can't use anything colorful even when thats my chief stat....Its a great game...but something is wrong...or are the mediums/surfaces just an in development concept?

Very sleek, and a cool theme. I feel it's missing something, though. There's no real driving force keeping you going, and a few of the menus are a bit messy.

I'm sure there is a niche audience for this but it's not my cup of tea. Interesting game nevertheless!

A pretty stylish take on the simulation RPG, although it's a little bit slow. Just a heads-up: It looks like this version's borders are a bit larger than you anticipated, so the guts of the game are visible in the margins. Should be an easy fix.