Reviews for "Avant-Garde"

Man, I'm sucking your balls right now.

Playing this game was a very unique expirience. The presentation of the game is simply astonishing. The idea is also great: combining the writer expirience into rpg. Unfortunately, the RPG aspect itself wasn't worked out too well. After a while, I was just acting like a painting conveyor, doing nothing but winning at competitions. Nevertheless, i've enjoyed the game. You made me to remeber all those beautiful authors, especially Monet. 9/10. 5/5.

J'ai quelques bugs d'affichage des boîtes de dialogue...
Ce jeu est extraordinaire... Une superbe ambiance et un gameplay original avec un univers jamais ma connaissance) exploité...

This is a rather unique game. The backgrounds are incredibly professional, the way that they're made of a real scene, a layer of weather effects and foreground characters that when you move around make it seem like you're actually there. The dialog boxes are clean and stylish, as is the entire interface of the game. It's a unique idea for an RPG as well, and both the theme and the dialog brings me back a few centuries in time. It's really a surreal experience, and an impressive game. Great work!


I was one rich mofo when the war came made 3 masterpieces before the war hit :D, Great game bro.