Reviews for "Avant-Garde"

how do you beat it?

Thought it was pretty great. I would have liked to see some of the art *nudes... :p* and maybe see the different styles actually have a purpose to them. When a new manifesto comes out, that should be accepted at the awards. There is no point in making your own manifesto either. A decent start, and if it comes out again with more to it I would definitely play again.

It's a game wich peaks out of the mass!
It achieves a nice athmosphere of a time wich was very fertile in art.
The reason i dont give 5 stars is because of what was mantioned before. Nude --> Oil --> Canvas --> Realism --> Gold!
And for those who havent figured out how to get oil and canvas: BUY IT by clicking on it!

Decent game, I just painted hundreds of nudes until I had a masterpiece then sold all my award winning works and made off with my 70000 francs to drink myself to death on my own private island.

Interesting Game Concept