Reviews for "Avant-Garde"

This game made me feel good.

Seriously, what an amazing game, i enjoyed it very, very much, and i really look forward to seeing the completed game, i really have no suggestions, you made this great game and i am sure, whatever you have planned for the finished product will not dissapoint, Thank you for sharing this marvelous creation!

my first masterpiece was a pencil on wall still life... aperently children are master artists now

A masterpiece, but you could add much more to make it perfect, like some pictures of the gamer paintings, and the improvement of the painting as you go resuming them. I would like to know the title of the song of the game, please!

Mnemusyne responds:

Thanks, the game is still in development. The song was made by Morvan here on newgrounds, it's called Paris.

Original idea and nice implementation!

You can of course add more feature like other people said but I think an interesting one would be like an inspiration level. When you get rewarded, win a competition or falling in love it should grow. The music is nice but it needs more variety and more of style of the time - Ravel, Debussy and especially Satie!

We are looking forward for the sequel!

Good concept, but it needs to go somewhere. Badges, achievements, goals, an endgame, time limit...something.