Reviews for "Avant-Garde"

Top secret "Blacksmith Mode": Still Life + Bronze

If you keep pressing where the button was when you chose to hire the live model privately you will be able to increase your anatomy and expression without advancing any months.

So everything but realism is rejected, even if it is a masterpiece. But you make a realism masterpiece, and you win the gold. Sounds about right.


Since repetitivness is always inate for such games as these i don't think its bad, and theres is sometimes something to give a litttle twist, however, theres not a feeling of an objective there.

PERFECT music, nice choice of art, love the wiki button.

In the the end, i just can't wait to see the full version.

It's flawed and repetitive... but I can't stop playing it!

Amazingly addictive. It looks and sounds excellent. Can't wait for the full version.