Reviews for "Avant-Garde"

This game is amazeballs! I spent the last hour obsessively playing and I was so visibly excited that my girlfriend came and sat next to me so we could play together. This is a brilliant idea and it's very well implemented for an alpha version. A few things that could be improved are the trajectory you follow as an artist through the game: Rather than always ending up doing Bronze Mythological Realism, depending on your skills, you could become a master in Charcoal Impressionist Nudes or Expressionist Oil Paintings. Maybe some combinations of materials could work better together or not work at all. Anyway, those are some ideas. Also, this game could be a powerful educational tool about art. I am a huge fan of art but only after years and after finding out about it my own way. School did a crappy job teaching me anything about art. Games like this could change that.
Well done to the developer. Can't wait to play a more detailed version of the game.

This is a really good game, I only regret that we can't learn many things at the Academy. The music is superb! I can't wait for the next version!

this is a vey good game and very good on the history of art

This is a great start, and already entertaining to play for at least a half hour. I am excited to see what the final version will look like. For me, the dialogue in the first Salon was really great. There was foreshadowing and it worked well to set the plot. I was disappointed that nothing came of it, but I understand that it isn't finished. I hope that the final will have many more of these revealing conversations.

One thing that could be cool is if you could create works with controversial subject matter and get into trouble because of it. Maybe all the other artists would be censoring themselves except for a few, and those few would also be persecuted. Could be a cool plot to go through.

Do you intend to have the player be affected by inspiration as well? That was hinted at when chatting with artists in the cafe. I noted that things got too easy because all I had to do was rely on the art skills to make good work. Other things affecting the artist's work would be cool.

The potential is exciting. It takes a familiar style of game play and brings it somewhere new. The art direction is really nice and fitting. I can't wait to see more.

This game is excellent.

The song it plays is the same all the time, yet somehow I don't find it boring or repetitive. The backgrounds are obviously good and adequate for each situation. The interface is simple, nothing is unnecesary. What I would ask for is a little tutorial to explain everything. What do these stars on the top right of the screen mean? Do I have a prioritary goal? I can deduce many things and it's kinda cool not to have a tutorial, but many people might be confused.

The more you play, though, the more it feels like a sandbox. I would like to see more dialogues between the artists, and a little historic context for every year or decade.

'Hey, it's this year and this guy has developed a new style, cool, huh?'

Well, it's like it doesn't matter. I would also like to see that it matters to choose the right subject, the right medium, subject, surface or style. I don't think it would be good for it to be negative if you choose a bad or irrational combination, but it would be satisfying if you got a bonus for choosing a reasonable combination.

To sum up, the game makes up for a good idea with good results.