Reviews for "Avant-Garde"

How do you do anything at all? All I see is a blurry recreation of "Paris Street, Rainy Day" with "Paris 1863" juxtaposed on top. Clicking all over and/or typing keys does nothing...

As an alpha, it's pretty good, but I'll list some things I found that made it not very fun in the current version.
- All I did was make shitty still life on paper with pencil over and over and made about 30 (in the beginning) each.
- It takes an entire month to drink with a friend. (Also everything else.)
- No point to rivals or friends.
- Time doesn't stop at any point. I'm in 2353. (It's fun to make money.)
- No point to other types of painting. Letting us SEE the painting would be cool, even though there aren't that many real works of art to work with - even a couple of repeating icons would be fine.
But that's all. As I said, for an ALPHA, it's pretty damn good.

I enjoyed this! I was a bit frustrated when I was a master, creating realism masterpieces every time, with 100,000$ in the bank, and drinking and chatting, but every friend kept trying to teach me "undefined artworks", which I'd accept, and then nothing... stuck making historical inks on paper... Pretty boring. Anyways! I know this is alpha version; keep an eye out for that bug! Felt pretty anti-climactic.

Most people have at least said the best stuff and the more major praises of this game, my review is just for a simple thing I saw. Whenever your art is rejected at the Salon de Paris, the way your screen just gently shakes as you go back to the home screen hit me so hard every time I saw it. It felt like I was getting tossed out into the rain for bringing my drawing to them, and that feeling was powerful enough to give me a little reason to keep playing and keep getting better so I won't get tossed out the next time. It was something small, but it made a real big impact.

I've sorta figured it out, the title you give the work of art should have something to do with the subject.

Anyway, review. It's entertaining for a time; improving your skills to win in the competition, but after a while, it becomes tedious. Could use some more dialogue with the artists, like the artists talking about their art style and stuff, and also more hints on how to play the game, like how to improve a certain skill (because honestly, I just guessed that part). I think it should also be realistic and historically accurate since years pass by. I mean, I don't think all of these artists (and my character) would still be alive past 1900s. Maybe add historical milestones that pop-up when the player hits a certain month in a year. Just some suggestions to make it more immersive. Decent game for an alpha version though! Keep it up!