Reviews for "Avant-Garde"

Wow, what a fantastic game. The music is absolutely lovely. 5 stars. My one wish is that for future versions, that there perhaps be a little bit more explanation as far as how each artistic "stat" affects your ability to succeed in certain style. I've played through a couple times now, and I've only really done well at salons when I just stuck with Realism and painted non-stop religious and portrait artworks with oil/canvas. I think the player ought to be able to branch out a little more easily and succeed as new movements take place.

As other reviewers mentioned, it would also be great to have more random events take place, such as dealing with art thieves, or being commissioned by nobleman, and whatnot.

Thank you for developing this, and good luck with the next version!

this was awesome but it needs more storyline!!

I overall liked it. What I definitely was that there was no possibility to save progress.

Great game! I love the unique style of the game. The music blends with the game's settings, so well. You should really add a save feature though.

Ended up as a Nudist painter called Sebastien, who's last painting was called 'Hitler's Amorie'
Mm, dat double entendre. However, the one thing that fucked me around a bit was the 'Undefined' option. It was there, but not there?