Reviews for "Avant-Garde"

I really like this game but I can't make undefined artworks. Also I get that the unrealistic artwork be denied at first, but after decades rising style the only way to get a painting into the festival is if it is a realistic painting?... It also needs a story, with an end, I bet I could keep living for ever if it was up to the game. Still I'm hoping you finish the game so I can play it again.

it needs more work but it is interesting. i can not wait to play the co9mplete game!

Very good for an Alpha and I keep playing despiste the repetiveness, my problem is that they keep refusing the artwork after I won a few medals

I'm very interested in the art of that time and I therefore love the main storyline, but It needs a lot of finishing (but that's probably because it is still in development.
When you finetune the small errors a bit, I think it could be a five star masterpiece.

This game has a lot of potential and I eagerly await the full game. It suffered from lack of explanation a bit I feel. Like it never really mentions creating a movement or why you would want to. Once you had learned all the styles occasionally your friends would ask "Would you like to learn to paint in an undefined style?" which I am assuming is a glitch. Never really explains how your skills/quality/flaw really affects the game. It also seemed that anything I submitted for review that wasn't in the realist style never got accepted even as new styles began to emerge. The history was nice but again, not really much of an explanation, I would enjoy seeing at least a short explanation of historical figures/events and what the styles represented. (I realize you provide wiki links but who wants to be playing a game and have to wiki in the middle to know whats going on.) Overall cool concept keep up the good work.