Reviews for "Avant-Garde"

My masterpiece: a impressionist nude on paper with pencil.

i don't know if its the music, or the game, or both (it's the game) but this is......... beautiful :')

as a professional artist, well done man! i really enjoyed this. a little confusing at first, but then again, originality can be confusing sometimes.

WOW! Firstly....compliments!

I love the way you "painted" the life of an artist in this game. Not having money for anything is quite realistic for artists of that period, refused pictures make you play harder and try to stay out of debts. Loved the abilities, the advantages and flaws

Now, a few tips if I may :)

It is a truly unique subject and the part when you can learn something from Wikipedia is awesome, you should expand on this aspect and continue adding curated content. This could be a mini game in which you find pages of a book that contains that curated content taken from wikipedia + the W button should be also present (like it is now) in order someone who is more interested in art wants to read more.

Also a part where you actually DRAW with your mouse would also be good. After choosing the technique, style and type of surface you draw on. No matter what you've drawn, you should be able to see your pictures. This will connect the player emotionally to the game which is essential. If this concept works you should talk about sharing pictures from players here on newgrounds or connecting the game directly to share the drawings on facebook. This will raise the popularity of the game.

Once more, BRAVO! This is a fantastic game taking into consideration that it is still in development. Can't w8 for avatars and more engagement ideas in the game. If you want more of my ideas, feel free to text me.

All the best

great job for an alpha! however there was what i assume to be a glitch, at one point i could get all of my works into the art show or whatever, and they were only decent, so why did it reject my masterpiece?