Reviews for "Avant-Garde"

Really interesting and unique concept but after i got gold medals for my artwork I had no idea what the goal of the game was. Is it the end if you can get gold medals and max your stats? It was very unfulfilling and seemed uneventful after getting a couple gold medals with no dialogue, credits, etc. A tutorial in the beginning would have been helpful too. I thought the main goal in the game was to compete in the salon with other artists but there was nothing exciting there either.

By reading you're description it's a pretty bad idea releasing this game since you clearly stated it's in alpha form and very much still in development. Anyways, my review of this is the game is really creative just it's a pain because you get broke really fast and most of the things are expensive like making paintings of any kind and buying the material to create them too. Also I wish there was more free roaming since we are stuck to go to three destinative paths the academy, the bar to drink and talk, and the drawing station where you make and sell your work. Furthermore, it would be good to have a way to gain money back to provent being broke in the game and having to start over because of the player stats not being high enough and it would be interesting to have us choose are character's gender and age too.

Maybe explain what they are looking for in the other styles of artwork so you can be accepted into the salon, so you wont have to stay as a realism painter and be able to transcend your art by being more.

Very nice! please finish this game! I actually enjoyed it and the music is good.
My masterpiece BRONZE NUDES. :)

good job, but way too easy to get through. I can't get any of MY art forms to be accepted but I can just keep doing all the lowest options and then resell until I get a bit, then I just go to the academy, draw porn for a while (hiring girls privately when available and switch back when needed.) I go back and draw up something new right after the salon happens then spend some time chatting to learn new techniques. I usually keep my best-so-far painting (by price) tucked away so I can submit it and then sell for mint. In about a half hour, I was making "Masterpieces" with my stats maxed out selling realism drawings for thousands after having them place first so many times. I haven't figured out how to unlock the other drawing tools but I really don't need to.

Try to mix in some life stuff as well and some more options (like attending other musical or party events). Allow for walks to locations for ideas and make painting/drawing make expression go down instead to simulate running out of ideas. Allow for more complex relationships with various characters and more chat options. Also, an artist can be many things, perhaps things like making music or inventing could be included somehow.

It's a pretty nice start but only a start.