Reviews for "Avant-Garde"

I love the concept of this game, but I had a question and a few suggestions:

Is it actually possible to create your own manifesto and have your work accepted into the Salon? I was creating crap Realist stuff that got accepted, then made a Manifesto that catered to my skills and made several masterpieces that got rejected. Or, was it just that I called my movement the bowel movement?

In terms of suggestions, I love where you're taking this game. But, can you add an explanation of how qualities and flaws affect your skills and abilities? I also think it would add a lot of interest if you had some crude method to show works of art in progress--even if it meant just taking a bunch of photos, photoshopping or processing them in various ways, and showing the stages as the artist "creates" them. Finally, what's the point of being anyone's rival? As far as I can tell, your best bet is to be everyone's friend--and what's the fun in that? Give me an incentive to make some enemies!

Love the alpha, and I look forward to seeing your masterpiece. :)

This game is wonderful, i find my self wasting so much time finding different combinations to put together art works, whats in demand and what sells for the most. I made my first masterpiece and i was exhilarated. Wonderful game.

i spent a lots of my time on this but its worth it plus the music relaxes me so i would say where's the secual :p goood job making it it gives u lots of choices and its adictive so yeah its worth the 5 stars in my opinion ;)

After playing for several hours, I realized that I had been... I was mesmerized. I kept imagining what the painting/sculpture would look like. It has a very emotional feel to it. I hope for a wonderful end product. More goals, contracts maybe, contests, timelines, deadlines, more story. More options and control over the creation process. Over all for this unfinished product, I give you 4 and 4 stars. It can easily be a 5 star item once polished.

Great and unique, I hope the final release has a clearer goal and challenge for the Artist, keep it up and good luck