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Reviews for "The Ghost Pianist"

I had no idea Black Mages had piano duels.

Damn, that was intense.
Despite its short length, I'm compelled to give it a five. the music and the animation went smoothly, textures and effect were...orgasmically awesome (not to mention the ghosts were actually hitting all the right keys...big ups!)
I loved it. I wish it were longer, but it was still amazing.

Amazing, simply amazing.

This is amazing. What is also amazing is that took you 3 months to make roughly 1 minute of video, which shows both how dedicated you were in making it, and how hard it actually is

Happy face to you :D

Great animation, albeit somewhat short and anti-climactic. The animation, inverse kinematics and gestures of the characters was splendid. The effects weren't terribly over the top and, in my opinion, as such were perfect. The only real bone to pick I've with this piece is that the conflict between the white and black mage was not really well developed. It's like a storyboard that was missing 3-4 panels, ya dig?

Otherwise, fantastic stuff.