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Reviews for "The Ghost Pianist"

excellent animation, and epic 3-D. magnificent music (only from the masters), and great action.
what more can we ask?
the ''good'' guy reminds me fondly of Vivi Ornitier from final fantasy IX, and thats a great detail, because i always liked this character, and its nice seeing him again in this cartoon.
also, the ''bad'' guy, reminded me of a more sinister ''black-mage'', maybe he looked more like a ''black waltz'' type of character, which is still badass and cool.
anyway! the movie itself was GREAT, and it had an epic music battle, with incredible action, and with unique music, so it was wonderfully done.

my only complaint was that it was too short. the battle should be kinda longer, and the bad guy should fight more.
but i understand that this was a short project, so no problems here.

maybe you should do a new battle like this in your next movie, and add those 2 guys again. i would love to see more of this again!
BTW, be sure to add a ''vivaldi'' themed opponent, or a ''mozart'' one.
this would lead to an epic music fight.
(or a ''mozart'' vs ''beethoven'' perhaps)

either way, this was good, keep it up, and please, please do more! you r good.

i loved it its so awesome but i wouldve like it if the bad guy actually fought back not just do one verse then die.

Alldin responds:

I do agree with you on that! =)
But this project was a assignement during my CG studies in university where I couldnt
have the animation longer than 1min. Sadly I had to make a short duel. Who knows I might
make a sequel? =)

Its the character from final fantasy xii, Cool!

. . .


what was the song during the credits. Oh awesome video by the way, i love classical music.