Reviews for "Snowball Sanchez"

So crazy! I love it

realy awesome game! it's interesting, funny, and needs skills. i love the theme to it. at first the controls seem complicated, but it's not bad at all. i really like this game! the levels are entertaining, and kept me playing for a long time! good luck with this, i would play it more!

Awesome Katamari Flash clone. Good times.

This game is actually quite good.

I guess it was OK. But it IMMEDIATELY lost points by having an annoying pop up tip secvonds after I started. Especially whnen it wouldn't allow me to close that tip with my keyboard. It really is a simple concept for all game designers...if you are making me put both hands on the keyboard for game play, then DON'T make me have to use the mouse for anything. IT is bad enough when games do it to go to the next level or replay the current one. But this is even worse since it was an annoying pop up tip.