Reviews for "Fast 9"

fun game but I could only get 12 oh well still really fun thanks for making it

Is this Mongo's father? Ahah, it's great! It's really simple and funny too.
A very good game, well done.
Maybe you should add some medals...

I liked it, a lot.
Tips would have been very useful in my first plays, like "in an edge, you can go to the oposite edge by pressing the corresponding key"
About the three vertical worms (or horizontal, it's the same), it's okay, you should avoid them by going from edge to edge, with the tip above mentioned... one of them must be short enough.
It was good, nice looking, well designed. Got bored in the 7th gameplay but that's because these are not my type of games.

JonathanMelnik responds:

Thanks! And please check my new game Teleport Wizard :)

A pretty cool game! Although it would be cool if you added some background music and a leaderboard!

Needs work on the AI. ( I got 3 vertical worms at once)
I cool feature to add would be to have the grid you move in enlarge every few "rounds" or so. (ie, you can move to 16 different squares, etc) You could have also implemented various other enemies that moved differently.
Just some suggestions.

JonathanMelnik responds:

Sorry about the 3 worms haha!
Thanks for the comments!