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Reviews for "From Nothing"

Nice Game, quite challenging at first

Good stuff. I do wish it was a bit longer, and it could have been a bit harder. I generally prefer to have a goal of some sort, and this rather lacked it so I made my own (which was simply to get all of the letters). I don't get people who said they had difficulty getting any of them, it just seemed to happen as the game progressed.

Speaking of the letters to anyone who isn't getting what they mean it is just jumbled "FROM_NOTHInG" though you can put the little n in the other N spot I suppose.

Anyhow, overall I thought it was pretty fun, but way too short and kind of on the easy side. I saw a few comments about it being an art game and I don't really see that. Feels like an avaunt guard puzzle platformer to me, and it feels short as that. As an art game the length is fine, but at least for me it really fails to stir.. well anything emotionally. Which I think is kind of the idea behind art games. So, were that the case I would probably score 2.5 rather than 4.5. But as you don't say I score it as the type of game I feel it is.

Anyhow, worth one run through but incomplete, short, easy, and goalless. A wonderful start to sometime weird long fun and challenging though if you feel so inclined. Keep up the good work.

fantastic concept,i really liked it.
p.s. there's any means in the achievements letters?

Sad it ends soooo fast! :(
In general, brilliant game: soundtrack is awesome and soothing, original gameplay, nice simple graphics (minimalism, as I say). There are only two things which are not very good: a little bit weird controls (not enough sensitive, I think) and... that it ends too soon :)

really good game