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Reviews for "From Nothing"

Awesome as, reminds me of FF7 when clouds looking through his memories, even the music. Nostalgic, loved it man

Short original challenging and fun

Excellent game and great story. I liked the music and the monochromatic feel of the levels as it added a layer of intrigue to them. Also, to Momotaro91, I think the achievements spell out FROM_NOTHInG

Very nice game but the medals are not working, you can get them but they just don't appear on the "Recent Game Medals" in my page.

lagemanngui responds:

Oh dat medals! In my last game medals are taking a while to show in players profiles, like 2 or 3 days (I heard is a Newgrounds bug) but after this time they start to work properly. If they don't show up today I will try to find some error in the game code and do some programming wizards. Thanks for playing!

ive never thought that way of my life much, but come to think of it, why is "life" involved in our world? i dont care if this is a review about the game or not, why, just WHY is life even real? there must be a reason, aside from the evolutionary timescale and such, otherwise its just meaningless, you go on the internet, live homeless, or something that sometimes seems so meaningless to you, its just so confusing