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Reviews for "From Nothing"

That was an interesting experience. I made it though all the levels, I think, though at the start it seemed like there were multiple routes to take, but the end is rather... discouraging. Congratulations, you cannot escape? Well that's an odd victory message, heh. Nice game though, creative and adventurous. Keep it going!


This is a style that is probably getting old but still gets me every time. The music, the idea, and the art are such a good match! Maybe the main idea could be a little more deeper, but it is very clear that this is an intentionally short game. It would be AWESOME that you take it a few steps further but, anyway...
to the point: very nice work, played twice in a row and would play again!

i beat the game and overall liked it no complaints here

its a fun and very deep lets try to make this a popular game.