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Reviews for "From Nothing"

A well, thought out game, but a bit depressing. Sad for me, who just had a terrible day.

I feel as if the reviews give this game more credit than it's worse.

They're a lot of typos and such. The floaty controls and purposely hard levels are supposed to mean something but in reality they just unnecessarily make the game hard. This game is supposed to represent life and in life these things exist although you make it seem darker than it really is.

The critical part that drives me, and others away, I believe, are the controls.
The controls are a absolute horrid.

Owch dude. Sensitive subject. interesting game mechanics though other than hitting on that "what if" I really try hard not to care about, it wasn't very interesting. A little difficult at times but I wasn't really able to enjoy myself.

Nice looking game and a cool concept. However, the character is so floaty and unresponsive. Its one of those, "Oops I died. Oops I died. Oops I died." games.