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Reviews for "From Nothing"

Coolio, wish it was developed a bit more.

Interesting and fun game, but the controls were flawed.

I love how the medals can translate to "Fighting for nothing". This is one of those games that seem to "talk" to the player directly while breaking any notions of fourth wall, mocking its very existence as a "game" - in a word: post-modernism. I personally view it as one of those "passing thoughts", as you say, where you think of yourself as the egocentric woobie character: you're alone, you're bullied in some ways, you feel enormous social pressure, you feel like you're manipulated by somebody/thing, etc. You always try something new, to break the loop, but you fail and instead, complicate your own life while digging your own hole further down below. I think this game is about acceptance, in the end. We can't escape Nature's ways of existing, the very framework from which we are born, but that doesn't mean we can't do nothing to solve the problems we created in the first place. Negative or positive message, that's up to you. The only cons I can spot here are the somewhat sloppy, imprecise controls (making the game a lot more challenging than what it should be), the relatively overall short length of the experience, and repetitive uninspiring music. It is however, a good experiment whose foundations lie on ideas that need to be shared more often in the video game panorama.
Well done.

lagemanngui responds:

You totally got this. No words to describe . Thank you for this awesome review!

I really liked it, although the floaty controls put me off in some levels.
Also, for the sake of my life, I can't think of what to make of the medals / letters - I can't seem to fit the "n" in :(