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Reviews for "From Nothing"

I don't like it. It's a hard platformer that goes nowhere.

Great atmosphere and concept. I really like it alot

A well, thought out game, but a bit depressing. Sad for me, who just had a terrible day.

A nihilistic introduction gives way to a lackluster platformer that nags me like I'm 14 again. The floaty controls would be more forgivable if so many of the levels weren't so dependent on timing your jumps properly. As it stands, the protagonist handles like a fully-loaded freight train, and guiding him through some of the more convoluted segments is like trying to milk a caffeinated mouse while wearing boxing gloves. The game's message of not being too full of oneself doesn't state anything I haven't already heard a million different times from a thousand different sources. In short, excellent controls and design can cover for a near-lack of plot (just look at some of Nitrome's games), and likewise a great story can--rarely, and often with difficulty--make up for un-engaging gameplay (as with some point-and-click adventures). But putting both flaws in one game and calling it art does not a masterpiece make.

Keep em coming. I love games like this.