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Reviews for "From Nothing"

I liked it very much. And i got all the letters ^^

The critical part that drives me, and others away, I believe, are the controls.
The controls are a absolute horrid.

I wanted to like this, I really did, but the game itself just doesn't feel right. The artwork looked fantastic to me, I'm glad to see the pixel style making a comeback. The message the game tried to send was fantastic and the way it used the message as a game play mechanic felt innovative to me. The music was great as well, despite the single track that played.
However, the controls kill this for me. It's like playing Sonic '06 while blind folded. They jumps just feel too precise and the platforms react to being touched too, well, realistically, I guess. The slightest tap would send the platforms on a course out of your reach and results in having to restart over and over and over again, and to make it worse, some of the levels feel like I'm racing against the platforms, which just felt tedious, only to realize that I could never actually land on the platforms I was racing. I won't complain too much about the controls, though, because I'm sure you'll see that enough in these reviews, if you even read them.
The game was truly a great experience, had I only been watching and not playing, but such small seeming details really destroyed my rating on this.

Regards, PANChan.

Nice looking game and a cool concept. However, the character is so floaty and unresponsive. Its one of those, "Oops I died. Oops I died. Oops I died." games.

Nice work ladies and gentlemen, kept me occupied for a few minutes, good fun! Keep up the production, following >_>