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Reviews for "From Nothing"

This is a style that is probably getting old but still gets me every time. The music, the idea, and the art are such a good match! Maybe the main idea could be a little more deeper, but it is very clear that this is an intentionally short game. It would be AWESOME that you take it a few steps further but, anyway...
to the point: very nice work, played twice in a row and would play again!

Brilliant game, although challenging,

Original, to say the least. There is one other flash game I've played that's similar to this, where it is a platformer and the words on the screen hint how to pass the level but are also very philosophical. Gameplay was smooth and the mechanics were simple yet difficult to master. Overall a really well developed, fun, short game.

This game, it's impossible to beat. G and N are... unacheivable. I guess that is what the game means. You will fail. No success. This game tries to make you feel low. Hmm.... it's a good game though.

What the f*** was that?