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Reviews for "From Nothing"

Nothing does not exist. It can't exist. It's very definition defies it's own existence. Where there is nothing, there is something. That something may be nothing, but it something nevertheless. To truly have nothing you must not acknowledge it's existence.

Very perfect game. I just feel a little more something could happen at the end, but that is it.

i really liked it! great way of using your surroundings. no matter what life throws at you, you can overcome it. like this game!...except life doesn't have unlimited restarts...or any restarts...WHY SHARON!! WHY DON'T YOU LIKE ME!! *SOB*, haha

Excellent game and great story. I liked the music and the monochromatic feel of the levels as it added a layer of intrigue to them. Also, to Momotaro91, I think the achievements spell out FROM_NOTHInG

fantastic concept,i really liked it.
p.s. there's any means in the achievements letters?