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Reviews for "From Nothing"

really good game

Excellent little game. Very much enjoyed concept of using text as platformer. No explanation required other than the gameplay itself--a difficult achievement for any designer.

I can't agree with the wholly nihilistic ending. I thought a final redemption would have felt more rewarding and more useful as an emotion.

In terms of mechanics, I think it would be improved if there was some sort of marker that indicated which edges were legal exits to the next level--sometimes falling moved you forward, sometimes only the right wall, and sometimes either one. This is pretty confusing in a way that doesn't aid the theme.

Excellent game overall.


Clever and very entertainging. great plaformer.,.

There wasn't much of a story, there wasn't really an ending, and most of the later levels demanded no trial or error, which I found to be infuriating.

The levels get tricky and (in my opinion) downright annoying at the end. Demanding a perfect run to make a level forces repetativeness on the player and I don't think that's a good thing. There is no reward at the end whatsoever which is in line with the thought behind the game I assume. still, I would've liked a bit more of an ending. Some more depth about the nothingness or somehting similar. So what I'm basicly asking is that the ending should have more nothingness. Yeah, wrap your head around that one :-p.
The music was okay for the 5 minutes the game lasted.