Reviews for "pkachu drinks a hrlm shak"

I'm getting the vibe that you...

A. Hate the Harlem Shake or any variation of it.

B. Used this opportunity to do some good old-fashioned racism for some zing.

Animation is very well times and flows nicely, and the drawing style was derpy, but I suppose it was the style fit for this particular film.

5 because the Harlem Shake sucks, good animation and flow, and for not being afraid of making the joke that was too easy.

moikmunzi responds:

Everything you said made me smile like a little girl but I swear the racism was incidental. If the song were called Jersey Shake or something, there would have been a slightly different cast.


As a black guy, i find this hilarious, because guess what newgrounders, harlem has a LOT of black people in it, stop trying to make this into a race issue when in reality its just hilariously sadist.

p.s. fuck baauer

I'm not one for reviews these days.

But goddamn. Expectations subverted so hard, so many times. This was great. Worthy of watching even if it has to do with that goddamn awful fad.

that was sweet!, very spongebob esque! i even watched the less racist version just for good measure, cool animation !!!!