Reviews for "simian.interface"

love this game, it's so simple and humorous especially the cat and the "rewards" at the end of each section of levels

Just a plain amusing puzzle the elements of it were fleshed out, it looked fantastic, it had a humorous breath about it, the music was fantastic so much so that it could be on like a big name console, and it was just plain fun to begin with.

Brilliant, good game itself, lovely style, fantastic music. Almost flawless.

Wicked awsome stuff! But it left me wanting more! I loved the concept of gameplay, and style, default config. was my favorite. I got held up on a couple puzzles but nothing to sweat over. Don't be afraid to make the next installment a little harder and deffinately longer (assuming there will be another[Really hope there will be!])

Not to hard, but not too easy, this Puzzle is great and the cat too lol.