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Reviews for "Mr. Putter"

The animations is a little too long to be a gif, and a little too smooth to be a loop.

"Golf is a sport that requires patience, concentration and the blood of the innocent."

- quote

I expected more content with this discription. With 2 stereotypes, the golfer and the devil (i presume) there is a lot of things to play on. I'd gladly give 2 more stars for one that fits the description.

Thanks for sharing.


I liked it. You tried doing a loop? I could see it getting redundant but was half expecting one then it ended then was all like... oh yeah... i guess that was for the best. Was nice though, bud!

Well done animation. Smooth and kinda funny but the voice acting was... not so great. And it went on a little too much. Even so, it's a pretty good clip, nicely drawn. Great potential for a loop, you know!