Reviews for "Girl Gamer"

Omg! That ending though. Lolololololololololol

Yup. Definitely ahead of it's time.

You uploaded this in 2013, and sure enough female streamers became a major problem on Twitch few years after. They're worse than prank channels on Youtube. But the thing is they're not even good or entertaining.

Young male gamers just needs to learn about Newgrounds or xHamster and boot fake gamer girls off Twitch once and for all. Make it a place for actual gamers once more.

Wooooo......That was a shit fest.... Great Animation! :)

I really laughed on this. hahaha Lol. The story was really.... Real Life(for some)!

Nice! The animation is good, and eye-catching. The dialogue was pretty well written, and the voice acting was excellent aswell! 4.5/5 stars. Another great animation from you, jaltoid.