Reviews for "Girl Gamer"

i also hate people who only play flash games and consider themselves gamers. I mostly play games such as COD, WOW, Halo and TF2

That one chic was a girl...

Agreed. Girls like that aren't "gamers" they are CASUAL PLAYERS who think that playing a game makes you a gamer. I only point out I'm female after the fifth time I get called "dude". Then I DON'T MENTION IT AGAIN!! (usually). I actually think it's kinda fun to be considered a guy online sometimes. Especially when I start fangirling over some cute bishie and I get the "OMG RU GAY?!" response. Since my username (that I use all over now) is gender neutral, this is funny because then I point out I'm female and get these responses: "OMG REALLY?!" "You're full of it. No such thing as girls in online videogames." "Uh oh. We got a "girl" gamer. *eye roll*" or my favorite "Sorry I didn't know."

You didn't know because I haven't said anything until now. xP

I'm glad SOMEONE knows that proper gamers out there can be female.

Girl Gamer: A girl first, a game player second. Usually only plays casual games. When she does play hardcore "proper" videogames, she usually sucks. Picks obviously girly names to further point out her lack of a penis.

Gamer Girl: A Gamer first, a girl second. Doesn't usually care if she's thought to be a dude, until someone makes fun of her for liking girly things, she gets tired of the "dude" and "man" comments, or someone else brings up the topic of genders. More likely to be seen in the hardcore "proper" games than in casual ones. Completely capable of kicking your ass in Call Of Duty and Halo. Can be seen Solo-ing bosses from time to time. Usually picks gender neutral or masculine names just to avoid being associated with the Girl Gamer.

The order of the words distinguishes which is which. If they ask for help because they took on something too high a level, they're probably a dumb n00b Girl Gamer. If she asks if you need help then owns the thing BEFORE telling you her gender, if she does at all, she's probably a Gamer Girl.

/end rant

This got 4.5 solely for the dissing of Girl Gamers.


He's indian.

you brought the mexican guy back!! :)