Reviews for "Girl Gamer"

soooo true I have one that my group adds her and she sounds, talks and acts just like the one in this flash. Annoying as shit -_-'

its funny becuse its true and my friend milak is a boy i went to his house and we played xbox and his gamertag was GAMERGIRL126543 ;D

whenever i play with a girl gamer online they are never like this but WAAAAAY too competitive and the creepy thing about it is that they teabag their own teamates..........dip dip potato chip dip dip potato chip dip dip potato chip *says faster* dip dip potato chip! dip dip potato chip *runs as team chases*

It seems women will abuse and exploit any means of interaction to try and come off as something incredibly special to everyone except those smart and wise enough to know that by trying so hard to do so,they are in fact only proving they are actually the exact opposite.The point of online gaming is to meet and have a good time with like-minded individuals,not overemphasize something both irrelevant to the experience and uninteresting to everyone involved.But what makes such behavior truly despicable is how real women have spent so much time and effort fighting for equal treatment only to have it all undone in the blink of an eye every time one of these hypocritical little girls feels the need to make their gender known when it isn't obvious or is already known.Women,you should be treated according to your behavior and not your sex.Your lives-and especially everyone else's-will be much easier if you know and act on that one truth alone.

Dude, bro, this video, that hindu guy, yes. just yes. so damn funny