Reviews for "Nuke Train"

Loved it!!! (^-^)

Awesome, amazing game man! I don't even like shooters but this one gets major props! Kinda reminded me of a great NES classic...Contra...but a shooter version of it.

One of the best games i have ever played, it is a classic and yet completely modern at the same time. It has great graphics which immerse players in the side scrolling experience and the background is really well done. It is definitely up there with toss the turtle and new grounds rumble as a great classic. Shame people only rated it 4 stars!

I liked it it was fun and awesome!!!

Very good and enjoyable game! Too bad that the authors submitted this game and apparently left Newgrounds. By the way: it gave me an idea for a game/movie: this game+Snowpiercer, that would be awesome!