Reviews for "Nuke Train"

The game is not bad at all, I personally really like the Idea behind it, But I cant help but think the controls could have been better I Think giving people an option of either left or right arrows or even A and D would make a huge difference.

Pojki responds:

Thank you for your constructive criticism!
Actually the game works with both the arrow keys and A-D buttons.
The ingame hints are going to mirror this soon.

wouldve given five stars but you dont let people go back and grind properly and that makes me a sad panda

I like the game, but it looks alot like ''Heavy Weapon'' from popcap. Id rather play that one :D.

This game had the makings of a great game, but missed the mark. The controls were terrible, please, WASD or arrow keys. Secondly, I found the music to be irritating. Now i'm certain some people will like this game, but I just can't enjoy it. I've seen far too many games like this on the internet.

THISGAME IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!