Reviews for "Nuke Train"

I liked it it was fun and awesome!!!

One of the best games i have ever played, it is a classic and yet completely modern at the same time. It has great graphics which immerse players in the side scrolling experience and the background is really well done. It is definitely up there with toss the turtle and new grounds rumble as a great classic. Shame people only rated it 4 stars!

good graphics, sound, etc.
Gameplay is solid.
would recommend an "unlimited" mode, where you just keep fighting.

Logically, there are some questions... Why wouldn't the enemy just destroy the tracks?

Nice inventive concept. I passed the first lvl without using the mouse at all. My mistake :=)

Awesome game! Reminds me of the games on my old sega.
Pro tip: You can get extra money to buy powerful stuff if you repeat stages. (you get money only if you finish them!) =^.^=
Liked it very much, even the strange soundtrack sticks with me, I started humming it... ^^''