Reviews for "Drop A Beat, Giuseppe!"

A really cool and unique game. Only problem is that the survive 2 minutes without opening the lid achievement sometimes gets glitched. Loved the game!

Tried to figure out the keys and play something decent... got mauled by a dead fish. Decent, simple, though it gets old kinda quick.

This is an incredibly simple but wonderful game. The control scheme is FANTASTIC. I'm a little jealous you came up with it, even. It only loses half a star because the graphics are not ~amazing~, but are still very fitting and the game is more than playable. If it had a chance to be higher-res it'd be perfect.

Great jorb.

This is pretty fun haha. But wow, I sucked at sucking.

Oh what a good game! Amazing, i laugth all the time: splash! xD and the broken piano >u< and.... it was great! and too easy to play... The music... I'm like bethoven... nah joke heheheh