Reviews for "Drop A Beat, Giuseppe!"

Really like the idea and how you did it
Just wish you could hear the crown booing!

molkman responds:

Glad you enjoyed it. We sadly couldn't find a fitting crowd atmo for the game in that short time.

Rock On Giuseppe!!!

I (somewhat) like the mash to move concept, but I keep hitting other keys like caps lock :(. And since it takes forever for the piano lid to go after I press space, I press early (points off here), but since the things come so fast, and the lid has such a high "cooldown", I get nailed by the second one. There's also not much of a purpose to this game...

not only it looks dumb :P it is dumb to play...

It's difficult to score quickly, but this game is unique. I like how the beautiful melodies you make with mashing the keys takes the place of background music. I learned the stage is destructible, thanks to comments.