Reviews for "Drop A Beat, Giuseppe!"

This the coolest(flash)game i've ever played!
I mean i almost destroyed my keyboard,it was so funny also i really loved all the secret medals(but i couldn't make the others,it was too difficult :( )so...

I found a glitch where if you hit something and if you die and come back while it is in the air you will be able to still use that item.

molkman responds:

That ain't a bug, we just tried to be nice to you.

No seriosuly, hot damn, thought I had fixed that. :<

Officially the silliest game I've ever played, plus it's not pointless or stupid; it actually have game play, and a good one at that! This is going in the faves.

Aaagh! This is about the coolest game idea I've seen in ages. :-D

hahahahaha this was amazing.....