Reviews for "Drop A Beat, Giuseppe!"

The Spiritual Successor to Caesar's day off <3

You know I think you have a thing for making fun of history because that was pretty funny. Hell I wish I was still in school so I could see if I could play this in front of classes. That said keep up the good work and hey maybe you can do a Shakespeare character next? heheheh

In order to get the Was it Worth Giuseppe achievement, you have to get out of the theater, move over the ocean and stay there until he falls. I hope this helps some people. (You can also dive straight off.)

i dont get fun from it. too bad for me.

Great game, plenty of fun and a great waste if study time.
Only flaw is I'm still waiting for 2 of the achievements to pop up. I noticed the leader board didn't update when I finally broke past 5 digits, and it hasn't given me the achievement for 5k points. And I moved all the way to the back and managed to survive 20 minutes or so while Afk and didn't get the survive 2 minutes without opening the lid achievement...

So yeah, you lost 1/2 star for that.

Then another half for the fact that spamming the buttons while the volume is on, nearly makes me want to gouge o

...or you can just sit back and mash the space button.