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Reviews for "Drop A Beat, Giuseppe!"

I'm so dumb. I had no clue how the multiplier worked, so the 5k point medal seemed hopeless. Once I finally realized that items I send into the crowd are tossed back, it became somewhat easy. I'd just focus on one item near the back of the stage, and try to avoid the rest. Once the 100x multiplier is reached, rinse and repeat. Getting 2 to 3 100x multipliers is enough to exceed 5k points. It's also fun to let yourself fall off the cliff, then mash the buttons on the left. You'll fly into the air and fall through the roof of the concert hall.

Anyway, it's a simple game, but I had a ton of fun playing it.

A simple yet addictive game. A perfect match for those who are searching for a couple of minutes of non-sense and mindless fun.

Yes, yes it was worth it! I often go swimming with my piano, Don't you? very fun game :D

Finally i've finished it!
Simple yet original and addictive game, loved the controls and the animation!

its an alright game really unique and sorta fun but there was one thing i cant really call it a glitch but when i was playing i accidentally hit the caps lock key and you cant push anything else if you do that it took me awhile to realize why it wasnt letting me push buttons but other than that solid game

molkman responds:

That's why we put "WATCH OUT FOR CAPSLOCK" in the description. :)